"Jazzy Holiday Sounds, Song 2
Silent Night"

In "Jazzy Holiday Sounds, Song 2 - Silent Night", you will learn:

- How to play "Silent Night" in a traditional way first, using chords you would normally hear.
- How to substitute chords in place of the normal ones played, to give your songs a new flavor and make them sound better.
- One of the powerful concepts of reharmonization.
- How to play "Silent Night" in a very easy way first, so that you completely understand the concept.
- How to play "Silent Night" several different ways, so that you can capture the sound you are looking for.
- How to go from just playing chords in the left hand to creating left hand patterns that make your sound explode!
- Techniques for creating different left hand patterns
- And much more

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"Creating Cool Left Hand Patterns"
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