"Follow these steps and watch your playing explode to the next level!"

- Best part, it doesn't matter what level you're at!

Dear Friend:

How many times have you heard a musician play something that sounded so good, that you thought playing anything even close to that would not be a possibility?

Well, my job is to let you know that anything is attainable!

“It doesn’t matter what level you are at, or how long you have been playing.”

Once you know how to do certain things on your piano or keyboard, you will automatically jump up several levels from where you are now.

Here are some steps you can take to make sure that happens.

First, you must learn the tools of the trade such as rootless chord voicings, chord licks, melodies, really nice sounding chords, groovin’ rhythms and much more.

Secondly, you need to know how songs are formatted.

You should have solid rhythm and be able to feel the songs you play.

The cool part about all of this is that it can be fun and easy to learn.

Learning how to phrase your melodies and improvisations will also help propel you in the right direction.

Once you have improved in these areas, your playing will be a lot more fluid.

But, the key question is how do you accomplish all of this, and still manage to keep it fun?

How do you stay relaxed while you play so you can "feel" the music?

This is where I come in.

My name is Charley Wyser.

I have been playing piano for 37 years and teaching for 25.

Over this time, thousands of students have been taught and thousands of gigs played.

One of the most valuable lessons experience has taught me is:

“Everyone learns at different paces, but you must keep teaching easy and fun.”

This way, each student stays motivated and learns a lot at their own pace.

My new program, Groovin’ helps you tackle the above steps.

You will get to learn how to play my original song, Groovin’ with a band.

In Groovin', you will learn:

- How to play rootless chord voicings that can be applied to any song you know or learn in the future
- How to take a chord, break it up, and create a nice sounding “chord lick”
- How to develop a “feel” for playing good grooves and rhythm
- How to develop a “feel” for playing with a band
- How to take a very popular scale and create a melody
- How to make the melody “dance” while you play
- How to “comp” while you play chord voicings and make the chords “groove”
- How to develop strong rhythm by practicing with the band and feeling the music
- How to put together a song from beginning to end
- How to correctly “format” a song
- How to play a very popular format used on thousands of songs
- And much more

Here’s how Groovin’ is structured:

The complete course consists of a series of 10 smaller lessons.

This way, it’s easy to find the lesson you need, when you want to work on a certain section.

You’ll also be guided on how to play with the band so all guesswork will be eliminated.

You will get very comfortable playing with others.

Practicing with the band (backing track) will help your timing, rhythm, and build your confidence when playing by yourself.

What’s in the lessons?

Your lessons are available in either DVD or digital format (watch online and/or download everything to your computer). The choice is yours.

In the digital format, you will receive 10 videos, each one focusing on different parts of the program.

You also will receive 2 special bonus books, that I will tell you about in a little bit, plus 2 audio mp3 backing tracks that you can use to practice everything.

Besides digital and download format, is the Groovin’ program available on DVD?

Yes. In the DVD version of Groovin’, you will receive 2 DVDs containing the 10 video lessons, the 2 special bonus books, and a audio CD containing the 2 backing tracks for you to practice with.

Plus, with the DVD package, you receive Free Worldwide shipping!

How much is the Groovin’ program?

If you were to study privately with me, the information contained in this program would take several lessons for me to teach you, and would run several hundred dollars.

But, you are not going to pay that.

The regular price of the Groovin’ program Digital Version is normally $59.77, and the DVD version is $69.77.

But, since this program is a New Release, your investment is only $49.77 for the Digital Download version, and $59.77 for the DVD version with Free Shipping Anywhere In The World.

Just click on the button below to get started right away!

Special Bonus 1

When you order the Groovin’ program, I am going to send you a copy of my book (pdf for digital version), “Rootless Voicings For Dominant 7th Chords.”

In this book, you will learn how to play the rootless chord voicings taught in Groovin’ in all 12 keys.

Plus the Key is written in the upper right hand corner in large print so you can easily and quickly find the key you need.

You will also receive the scale-tone numbers and names of each chord so that you can instantly form the chord in any key.

And, you will learn which chords you can substitute these rootless voicings with.

“This book will serve as a handy reference for you for years!”

“At last, you will finally be able to apply these rootless voicings to songs you already play, and songs you will be learning in the future!”

This special bonus book alone, is worth the entire value of the program.

Special Bonus 2

When you order Groovin’, you will also receive a second book Free with your course entitled, “Blues Scale In All 12 Keys.”

This book just like the previous one, has a handy guide in the upper right hand corner to help you quickly and easily find the key that you want to learn.

You will also receive the scale-tone numbers so that you will instantly be able to play the scale in any key based on the theory.

Best yet, each scale is drawn on a large keyboard picture with the notes easy to see.

Again, this special bonus book is also worth it's weight in gold!

To get started, just click on one of the buttons below below right now while it’s fresh on your mind.

“Remember, Groovin’ is a high-energy, fun lesson that you will be practicing continually with the band that is provided!”

"Imagine what you will sound like when you learn the
information in this program!"

I have given you reasons for moving yourself to the next level. All you have to do is click on the button below to start the ball rolling.

Once you start learning this material, I believe you will be eager to start showing others what you will now be capable of playing.

Let’s go ahead and have some fun!

I am looking forward to helping you with your piano adventures.

All the best,

Charley Wyser

P.S. You will now be able to tackle the steps to exploding your playing to the next level with energy, fun, and ease!

P.P.S. Don't forget that I am including 2 special bonus books with your order: “Rootless Voicings For Dominant 7th Chords,” and “Blues Scale In All 12 Keys.” FREE!.

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10 Videos
Special Bonus Book 1 (pdf): "Rootless Voicings For Dominant 7th Chords"
Special Bonus Book 2 (pdf): "Blues Scale In All 12 Keys"
Band Backing Track (2 mp3 files)
2 DVDs containing 10 video lessons
Special Bonus Book 1: "Rootless Voicings For Dominant 7th Chords"
Special Bonus Book 2: "Blues Scale In All 12 Keys"
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