“How to play a song on the piano that goes straight to your soul and makes others take notice.”

Dear Friend:

Why is it that two people can take piano lessons for the same length of time and sound entirely different?

When asked to play, one pulls out a music book and plays some basic songs they have been practicing for a while. They feel rather proud of the progress they have made over the past few months.

And why not? Lots of hard practice learning the songs, counting, using metronomes and more.

But, the other piano student sits down, and plays something that blows his listeners away.

Wait a minute.

What just happened?

As you listened to this person play the piano, you were immediately touched. In all truth be told, you even felt Goosebumps from what was played.

What is different between these two players?

“Well, in all truth be told, you’ve got to spend your time playing and learning to play songs that touch and move you.”

Otherwise, you will waste much precious time not making progress, and eventually become frustrated and even burn out.

“When you play songs that really inspire you, motivation kicks in and before you know it, you are sitting down and really playing something that not only moves you, but everyone else listening to you.”

“When you feel the music you are playing, everyone else feels it too!”

You will experience this when playing the song you just heard me playing in the video.

• In “Playing Gospel Sounds 9 – Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross,” you will experience a feeling that is know very well to musicians who have been practicing their craft for many years.
• You will become part of that exclusive club of musicians that are able to be taken to another realm from the experiences of their playing.
• You will learn how to play the right combination of chords, licks, fillers, and ideas for optimal responses.
• As you start to get this song under your belt, you’ll start to get “into the zone.”
• You will start to learn how to incorporate ideas such as combining chords with melodies, using chord voicings, and other gospel spices into your playing so that they make sense.

Can you imagine what it would feel like when you play something, and other people say “Wow,” “I didn’t know you play like that?”

In “Playing Gospel Sounds 9 – Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross,” you are going to learn all of the above and a lot more.

You will be able to play the song extremely close to the way you hear me playing it in the video.

I am going to take you by the hand and walk you through the song step-by-step.

You will learn to play this song with the chords, chord voicings, fancy gospel octaves and more using just enough contemporary and ‘old-school’ voicings to get you in the ‘zone.’

Plus, you will even receive a special bonus with your order.

The Special Bonus program, "How To Use Gospel Octaves In Your Playing," will teach you concepts on how to use “Octaves” in both your left hand and right hand to add that southern gospel flare to your playing.

All, at an investment that will run you a lot less that it costs to put gas in your car.

Just click on one of the buttons below to begin your gospel piano lesson experience.

Let’s have some fun!

All the best,

Charley Wyser

P.S. You will now be able to play something that truly inspires you. And with a little practice, be able to “get into the zone” – an experience that professional musicians know, but many others do not.

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3 Videos
Special Bonus Video:
"How To Use Gospel Octaves In Your Playing"
3 DVDs
Special Bonus DVD:
"How To Use Gospel Octaves In Your Playing"