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"Playing Gospel Sounds 12 - Just As I Am"

In "Playing Gospel Sounds 12 - Just As I Am", you will learn:
- How to play this song the same way you hear me playing it in this video
- How to quickly go from single notes to playing the full-blown arrangement you hear in the video
- How to put together this song one section at a time
- How to connect right hand melody and chords to the left hand bass notes
- How to add very fancy, nice-sounding chords
- How to combine the melody notes into the chords for a very "Professional" sound
- How to number the tones of the Major scale
- How to play a combination of chords and bass lines to create groove patterns
- And much more

Plus, you'll receive the Special Bonus,
"An Intro To Combo Bass Lines And Chord Groove Patterns" video when you order right away!

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