4 Chords (Part 2)

In the full version of the “4 Chords You Need To Know” program, you will learn some of the things that professional pianists and musicians know:

How you can form these chords in any key
How to play the 4 chords in all 12 keys
How you can start on any note and form any of these chords in 30 seconds or less
How you can substitute these 4 chords in place of most advanced chords
Which fingers you can use to play the chords
How you can apply these chords to the songs in the course
How you can apply these chords to songs you already know

4 Chords You Need To Know focuses on two songs explained step-by-step, and in great detail.

You will also learn:

How you can play the melodies with the chords
How long you play, or hold each chord for
How you can take the chord and create a bass part for the left hand
How you can put the left hand bass part together with the melody in the right hand for a more interesting sound
How you can “slip” the Augmented and diminished chords in between other chords
and much more

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