"Jazzy Holiday Sounds, Song 1
O Christmas Tree"

In "Jazzy Holiday Sounds, Song 1 - O Christmas Tree", you will learn:

- How to take a simple melody, and add fancy chords (7ths, 9ths, 11ths, etc.) to the melody for that "Sophisticated" sound
- How to combine the melody and chords in the right hand while adding a fancy bass line in the left hand
- How to make the song groove and sound good
- How to play songs the way or close to the way that I perform them
- How to play songs without the melody using chords and fancy bass lines so that others will be able to sing, or play instruments with you.
- How to apply the concept of playing melodies, chord voicings, and bass lines to other songs you know
- And much more

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"The Concept Of The Bass Line"
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