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“Just By Changing A Few Notes In A Basic Chord, You Can Produce Beautiful, Rich, Powerful and Hypnotic Chords!”

- And By Combining These Chords In A Progression, You Can Experience Sounds You Never Dreamed Possible!

Dear Friend:

As you listened to him play a song on the piano, you were in awe.

It was a song you had played before, but you were not able to get it to sound like that.

This was the last song of the day he was performing and you just had to find out what he was doing.

Would you mind playing the first few chords of that song?

You realized as you watched, he was playing chords so beautiful, they started to put you in a trance.

They were “hypnotic” in every way.

How was he able to play these chords you wondered.

“I’ve never seen chords played like that.”

What was he doing that was so different?

Believe it or not, he was probably playing something close to what you’ve played, but simply changed a couple of things.

Maybe he just added a note or two, and/or eliminated a note or two.

“The addition or elimination of notes in chords is the Secret known by Professional Musicians all over the world.”

Now, you will see how this is done first-hand in the “Hypnotic Chords” program.

The Hypnotic Chords piano lesson program works like this:

  1. I will play a non-traditional chord progression using some very “Hypnotic” sounding chords flowing from one to another. These are the professional, chords that have a “trance-like” experience when you hear them.
  2. You will learn how to play this same progression note-for-note in step-by-step instruction.
  3. You will then learn the same progression using very basic chords so that you can see how the advanced, “hypnotic” chords were created and formed from the basic chords.
  4. You will learn the scale-tone intervals for each chord so that you will be able to duplicate the chords and progressions in any key.
  5. Each progression (5 total) will have it’s own video, making it easy for you to refer back to a specific progression anytime you like.

In my new program, “Hypnotic Chords” . You will learn:

• How to play professional chords like 9ths, 11ths, 13ths, and different altered chords played through chord progressions for that “Hypnotic” sound
• How to use scale-tone intervals to create your chords so they can easily be duplicated in other keys
• How to play exactly what you hear me playing, and see exactly how to do this with the help of a virtual keyboard displaying all of the notes
• How to play 5 non-traditional chord progressions that sound very nice
• How to split the chords between your hands to open-up and maximize your sound
• And much more

“As you start to get a few of these chords under you belt, and see how they are formed, you will start elevating yourself to the next level.”

“You will be impressed with what you will be playing, and those listening to you will be impressed also!”

Best of All, your investment in the “Hypnotic Chords” program will be very minimal for the amount of material learned that will BENEFIT YOU FOR A LIFETIME!

Just click on the button below to find out more!

All you have to do is put my 40 years of playing and 28 years of teaching experience to work for you.

Go ahead, order now, and let’s have some fun!

All the best,

Charley Wyser

P.S. You will be amazed at how easy is to play “Hypnotic” chords and Explode your playing to the next level!

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