“Choosing A Key + Playing Nice Rhythms & Grooves + Combining Beautiful, Rich Sounding Chords = An Emotionally Appealing And njoyable Experience!”

- Especially When You Play In Minor Keys

Dear Friend:

Think about a song you love.

Now, think about why you really enjoy this song.

You will probably notice that most things or everything about the song fits into the equation above.

That is, it is written in a certain key that is emotionally appealing to you.

Most likely, there is a certain rhythm or groove that really jumps out, and there are very rich and beautiful sounding chords underneath the melody that catch your attention.

You probably find yourself humming or singing this song all throughout your day.

“Music should be totally and completely about enjoying your experience along with all the sensations!”

This is especially true when you are playing and creating music for yourself or others.

My new program, “Contemporary Chords, Grooves and Progressions in Minor Keys” will help you realize this experience. You will learn:

• How to create your own chord progressions based on minor scales
• How to play nice grooves, bass lines and add simple melodies
• How to form a chord on each note of the minor scale
• How to create progressions based on different minor scales
• Coordination between your hands
• How to play non-traditional chord progressions
• And much more

“This program is 100 percent committed to playing in minor keys.”

“There are a lot of programs out there that teach playing in Major keys, but very little focus on minor keys.”

Minor keys are known as “sad” keys, and Major keys are known as “happy” keys.

But, if you think about songs that you really enjoy, you might be surprised to discover they are played in minor keys.

Plus, in this program, you will also learn and play:

You are going to have fun with this program!

“The method taught in this course encourages you to use your own creativity and imagination. You will be able to put together your own combination of chords and move them through the progressions you will be learning.”

Plus, you will even receive a special bonus with your order.

The Special Bonus program, "Experimenting With Progressions On The Minor Scale," will teach you how to create your own progressions and chords that will enable you to maximize your sound.

All, at a very small investment for a lifetime of benefits!

Just click on one of the buttons below to begin your piano lesson experience.

Let’s have some fun!

All the best,

Charley Wyser

P.S. You will be able to use your own creativity and imagination to create your own combination of chords and move them through the progressions you will be learning.

P.P.S. You will also receive the Special Bonus, "Experimenting With Progressions On The Minor Scale" with your order!

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