Playing A Bass Line And Adding Fancy Chords

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In this Free Piano Lesson, piano teacher, Charley Wyser teaches you how to play a bass line in your left hand with a mix of fancy chords played in your right hand.

This lesson takes advantage of Contemporary Jazz (a.k.a. Smooth Jazz)

After you have learned the material, try rewinding the video back to the beginning and playing along with Charley Wyser and the drum track in the video.

In this lesson, you will learn:

  • How to keep good time with your left hand bass line
  • How to form a few fancy chords and movements with your right hand
  • How to coordinate your left and right hands
  • How to play a nice groove with both hands

If you wish to learn more about some of the chords played in this video, be sure to check out the Chord Voicings Phases II, III, & IV programs at:

Chord Voicings Phase II focuses on 7th chords, Phase III focuses on 9th and 11th chords, and Phase IV focuses on 13th chords.

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