How To Improvise Using Scales

Full 4 Week Online Piano Course Available At:

Do you wonder what scales do I play when trying to improvise? What notes do I play when trying to improvise? Is there an online course that will teach me how to improvise?

If you have questions, you will now be able to get some answers.

In this Free Piano Lesson, you will learn how to improvise by creating a run based on two different scales – the Major Scale, and the Mixolydian Scale.

These are only two of the scales taught in this 4 week online piano course. Here is a breakdown of what you will learn in the 4 weeks.

– Week 1: Critical scales, specialty scales, shortcuts for learning scales in seconds, playing in all 12 keys, left hand chord voicings to use when playing scales.

– Week 2: Creating specific melodic ideas and runs, exercises for technique and remembering scales, creating short ideas on each degree of the scale, scale based runs, practicing improving.

– Week 3: Creating rhythms and applying rhythms to ideas, word rhythms, creating musical conversation with your ideas, applying call and response to ideas and improvisations.

– Week 4: Putting it all together by practicing over different chord progressions, improvising over original songs and different types of music, and practicing using Backing Tracks with Bass, Drums, and other instruments.

In this 4 week online piano course, you will gets lots of videos, charts, music, and even Backing Tracks with Bass, Drums, and other Instruments for you to study at your own leisure 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week.