Creating Licks & Riffs Using II,V,I Progression Instruction

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How do you play piano on a II V I progression? What are some interesting ideas and licks to play on a II V I progression? How do you create runs and licks? How do you solo with your right hand?

This video represents the “Creating Licks, Lesson 1” piano program now available.

In Creating Licks, Lesson 1 you will learn:
– How to create right hand ideas (licks, runs) based on the popular II, V, I chord progression
– How to use chord tones as a basis for creating nice sounding ideas in your right hand
– How to correctly phrase your right hand ideas for the best sound
– What rhythms to use when playing your right hand ideas
– How to play your right hand ideas in several keys
– How to breakdown your ideas so they can be played in any key
– And much more